Izumi Shinzenbi Essence - Shin Essential 2 (Set)

MYR 116.30

Izumi Shinzenbi Essence- Shin Essential 2 (set) is the luxurious version of Izumi. Its miraculous effects are visible even with only a small amount applied. It provides nutrients required by the skin and pampers your skin with great care, leaving you beautiful and attractive all the time! Containing sodium hyaluronate and soy isoflavones, Shin Essential of the Shinzenbi Series provides excellent hydrating effect, rapidly replenishes moisture to dry skin and regulates the skin's sebum and moisture balance. In addition to protecting the skin, it instantly moisturizes and hydrates the skin and enhances nutrient absorption. Rich in vitamin E, it increases antioxidant effects, stimulates collagen formation and enhances skin elasticity. One set including 3 bottles with 7ml each.

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